PM: Australia must be prepared to ‘move forward’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says Australia needs to prepare to “move forward” to the next phase of the national plan to reopen once the 70 and 80 per cent vaccination targets are reached.

“We cannot hold back. Our task between that day and now is to ensure that we ready ourselves for that next phase,” he said.

“It means that we must continue to vaccinate at the record paces we are now doing that.

“We must ensure that our public health systems are ready for the increase in the number of cases that will occur.

“We must be clear about the rules, the common-sense rules, that continue to apply post-70 per cent and post-80 per cent … and we must adjust our mindset.

“Cases will not be the issue once we get above 70 per cent.

“Dealing with serious illness, hospitalisation, ICU capabilities, our ability to respond in those circumstances, that will be our goal and we will live with this virus as we live with other infectious diseases.

“That’s what the national plan is all about, was always about, that’s how we designed it and that’s how it needs to be implemented because the national plan is our deal with all Australians.”