How Deepfake Is Changing The Face Of The Movie Industry

Technology is constantly changing and evolving and with it so are films and the way they are made. Miniatures changed the game for the likes of a certain movie about warring stars back in the 70s, then digital Visual FX used in the likes of Jurassic Park and Space Jam changed them once again in the 90s, and The Mandalorian continues to change the game with its in camera digital effects. Now however we are on the cusp of the way we make movies and documentaries changing once again with the emergence of deep learning fakes and artificial intelligence. The craft has been around for sometime now, becoming popular on YouTube with alternate castings and entertainment movies using the process to make fun and interesting videos, but now with the technology improving, it is set to make a splash in Hollywood. With the likes of ILM and Disney scooping up AI Artists and preparing their very own high quality models, the technology is there for it to be used in a number of Hollywood movies, and very soon it will be an integral part of a Hollywood movie’s production.

But what exactly is this process and how will it change films exactly? That’s what we will take a look at in this video. We spoke first hand to Visual FX artist and co-founder of, Chris Umé, who is a pioneer in the trade and has gone viral for his hyperrealistic videos involving Tom Cruise. He spoke to us about the benefits of machine learning and AI artistry, what it can be used for, and how close it is to becoming a constant in movie making. We will look at how it can be used not only for switching faces, bringing back former Hollywood legends and parodying celebrities, but also to help dub international movies, restore old footage, provide reshoots, and even animate CG characters. We will discuss the ethical and moral concerns that it causes and whether or not we should be concerned. We will also look at how it will change other industries, such as commercials, and take a look at what the next few decades might just look like with this technology around. With AI artistry and machine learning beginning to pass the uncanny valley, it has become clear that the technology is here to stay, and will only improve in time.

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Featuring Chris Ume (@vfxchrisume)


0:00 Intro
2:15 What is Deep Learning Fake?
9:38 When Will It Be Used by Hollywood?
17:03 How Else Can It Be Used?

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