Every time the Scott Morrison speaks ‘things become less clear’

Shadow Communications Minister Michelle Rowland says every time Prime Minister Scott Morrison opens his mouth “things become less clear”.

This comes after Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles suggested the state’s border could remain closed even after the 80 per cent vaccination targets were met due to the high number of cases in New South Wales.

“This is a failure of Scott Morrison’s leadership here,” she told Sky News Australia.

“I mean, he is supposed to be the prime minister, the person who is supposed to be making federalism work.

“Every time this guy opens his mouth things become less clear.

“One minute he’s talking about the importance of looking at the numbers of cases, next minute he’s saying they’re not important, it’s just driving people insane.

“He needs to come up with a plan and articulate it in a way people can understand.

“I guarantee you, if I can find 10 people around here and ask them what the prime minister’s plan is, none of them would be able to say what it was.”