Medical profession needs to be ‘properly regulated’ on transgenderism and children

Sky News host Rowan Dean says there needs to be a national inquiry to ensure the medical profession is “properly regulated” when it comes to “transgenderism and our children”.

Mr Dean said this week he spoke to an Australian mum whose daughter, who had a “long history” of mental health issues, was convinced by a transgender organisation that the “answer to all her problems was to turn into a boy”.

“All the way along the mum was sneered at by the medical profession for questioning the process,” he said.

“This is a disgrace. The family has been torn apart, the mum has been ostracised from her daughter, now supposedly her son.

"And when the mum spoke to one surgeon, this will sicken you, he admitted that 10 years ago he would never have ‘chopped a girl’s breasts off but now it is all too common’.

“This is out of control. We need a national inquiry to determine that the medical profession is properly regulated when it comes to transgenderism and our children.

“Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt, get onto it right now.”