Karen Andrews: 472 people airlifted from Kabul

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews says four Australian Defence Force flights airlifted 472 people from Kabul airport on Sunday.

“That includes Australian citizens, permanent residents, UK evacuees, locally engaged employees,” she said.

“So, they have already been transported or are on their way to Dubai and of course, earlier today we actually had a second flight arrive in Melbourne where we had passengers arriving from the UAE coming into Australia.

“So, this is the second reparation flight that has come into Australia.”

Ms Andrews said the situation on the ground in Kabul and Afghanistan more broadly “continues to deteriorate” but ADF personnel are doing “all that they can” to uplift as many people who have visas as possible.

“A lot of work has been done to process visa applications,” she said.

“Home Affairs is well across the issues and is doing all that they can to process those visas as quickly as we can.”