High school captain and classmates ‘fight back’ against woke ‘orthodoxy’

Student Aiden Brennan has spoken to Sky News Australia about his fight as school captain against an "orthodoxy" that’s telling young boys they are "oppressors" and are "guilty of sins" that happened well before they were born.

Mr Brennan said his classmates voted for him to be captain because he "wanted to stand up against that".

He said the school unusually made his cohort have multiple votes on school captain despite the outcome being the same each time.

"They sort of kept making us vote and they kept getting the same answer so eventually they had to accept me," Mr Brennan said.

According to Mr Brennan, the school’s apparent apprehension over his captaincy was due to his "controversial" push to reinstate things like the "national anthem at assemblies".

"That I wanted to go in and change that became very controversial somehow, but it was the voice of the students that fought back," he said.