Biden could be ‘impeached’ over mishandling of Afghanistan withdrawal

Political analyst Professor Joe Siracusa says he believes US President Joe Biden will be impeached over his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The president’s ratings have gone down, that is, 60 per cent of Americans think he’s handled this very badly,” he told Sky News Australia.

“This war has played very badly with the moderate swing vote in the United States, and I predict that the House of Representatives will go over to the Republicans, it’s not much of a prediction, they only need three seats, they’re going to win that.

“And as soon they do, and I’m sure of this too, they’re going to impeach Joe Biden for incompetence and a whole lot of other things.

“The Senate members are calling for this and even Mitch McConnell … says that this is an impeachable offence.

“The president is in a whole lot of trouble.”