Regional Victoria to go into lockdown, further restrictions for Melbourne

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that from 1pm today, regional Victoria will go into the same lockdown conditions as Melbourne with the exception of a curfew.

Mr Andrews also said there will be “further changes to childcare” statewide, implementing a permit system by which only authorised essential workers and those with vulnerable children would be given an exemption to send their child to childcare.

“It’s essentially going back to the process that we followed last year,” he said.

He further said, "there are also some changes to industry settings as they exist in Melbourne".

"A number of high-risk industries will not be able to operate at 100 per cent, they’ll have to reduce just as the construction sector has done."

He said the construction sector will be reduced to 25 per cent statewide.

Additionally, authorised workers will need to have a permit to be able to leave their homes.

“We may need to go further than that and make some of those statewide, but we are not announcing those today.”