Over 200 infringement notices issued at illegal Sydney protest

Over 200 infringement notices were issued on Saturday after a major police operation in Sydney prevented larger crowds gathering to protest lockdown measures, Police and Emergency Services Minister David Elliott said.

“It is certainly the view of the NSW government that the police need to take this lead role to ensure that we see maximum levels of compliance,” Mr Elliott said.

“The police today, in my mind, we’re the blue angels that will protect this city against further lockdowns.

"By responding in this way, we’ve kept everybody at home. The risk of transmission is removed. "

Mr Elliott said 38,000 cars were stopped coming into the city and around “130 tickets were issued” to those motorists which indicated a “very, very high level of compliance”.

He warned those thinking about planning another protest of “plenty of police ready to deploy at anywhere in the city” in order to respond to civil disobedience.