NSW police minister ‘thrilled’ by ‘textbook’ response to lockdown protesters

New South Wales Police Minister David Elliott says he was “thrilled” by the “textbook” response to lockdown protesters in Sydney on Saturday.

“I was thrilled with the police response yesterday, it was textbook,” he told Sky News Australia.

“It was how a civilised police force deals with civil disobedience, and that’s what it was, civil disobedience.

“The rank and file did a superb job, measured, toned and of course luckily only a couple of hundred people turned up.

“Two hundred and sixty fines have been issued, about 40 charges have been laid and I can assure anybody that’s listening that they should be prepared for a similar response from police at any moment.

“We’ve got contingencies today if things want to flare up, we’re ready to respond with very similar operational orders next week if we find out that there’s another protest planned.”