More than 50 US politicians send letter to Biden urging him to save Afghan allies

More than 50 senators are calling on President Joe Biden to speed up the evacuation of thousands of people stuck in Kabul who aided America’s war effort in Afghanistan.

The letter, signed by 55 senators, urged the president to ensure all the Afghans who put their lives on the line to help American soldiers should be evacuated in the wake of the Taliban’s take-over.

“We write to urge the immediate and full implementation of recently-passed legislation amending the process and eligibility for the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program and for the urgent evacuation of SIV applicants whose service to the U.S. mission has put their lives in jeopardy," the senators wrote.

“As the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates, these individuals face increased danger at the hands of the Taliban that has sworn retribution. For this reason, Congress provided additional authorities to improve and expedite the application process while maintaining the program’s security and integrity. We implore your Administration to expeditiously implement these changes and immediately evacuate our Afghan allies to safety."

There have been chaotic scenes outside Kabul’s airport every day this week as desperate crowds of Afghans try to flee the country.

Thousands are thronging the facility as they try to escape the Taliban but some face difficulties even getting to that point due to armed checkpoints by the group’s fighters.

There are up to 15,000 Americans in Afghanistan and up to 65,000 Afghans and their families the US also wants to rescue.