Diplomatic relations with ‘ruthless’ Taliban could ‘come back to bite us’

Former Australian Special Forces commando Wes Hennessey has warned engaging in diplomatic relations with the “ruthless and relentless” Taliban could come “back to bite us”.

“I don’t think we can believe a single word the Taliban says, and if we do, there’s a high chance of that coming back to bite us in the near future,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Some of the leadership is starting to talk about offering them diplomatic means to come to better arrangements, essentially negotiating with them.

“This is one of the most ruthless and relentless terrorist organisations in the world, they’ve got a lot of confidence at the moment, they’ve just gained a formidable amount of resources through equipment that they’ve seized from the Afghan security forces, so now is certainly not the time to be negotiating with them.

“I understand that they feel they need to, and there is an element of truth to that to get the security that we require, but certainly we need to be taking a firm hand with them very soon.”