Biden’s handling of Afghanistan receives criticism ‘on both sides’ of politics

Spectrum News DC Reporter Austin Landis says US President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan has received criticism “from both political parties” in the United States.

“They set a May deadline, technically, in the past administration and the president has cited that,” she told Sky News Australia.

“He said that’s one reason that they felt they had to leave.

“But the criticism has really been, that was an arbitrary date and … if the US wasn’t ready to leave and they didn’t have the security situation secured, the Afghan forces weren’t ready then why wasn’t it done differently?

“There’s been criticism on both sides, from both political parties.

“Republicans obviously sharply criticising him for withdrawing at all, some, and Democrats too who have serious questions about this and some of them have said they plan to hold hearings as early as next week and ask top administration officials what went wrong here.

“So, despite the deadline, and there has been a defence of the administration, there still a lot of questions about why it was rushed and why it was done in this way.”