Royal Flying Doctor Service aid in vaccine rollout in rural and remote areas

Getting crucial vaccines into remote areas and vulnerable communities in parts of the state is a top priority following the extension of the regional NSW lockdown to August 28.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service’s have aided in the vaccine rollout by administering more than 13,000 jabs into arms in rural and remote areas such as Dubbo, Walgett and Bourke.

“We’re very focused on rural and remote areas, we started right back 18 months ago, and we’ve been doing COVID testing over most of last year and then some into this year," Royal Flying Doctor Services general manager Jenny Beach told Sky News Australia.

“We actually joined the vaccination rollout in late June, we started and we are going to communities, we go into the very remote places, rural communities, and we actually vaccinate, we offer the vaccines to the whole community".

Ms Beach said they have teams who both fly and drive into remote areas and work with local Aboriginal health and medical services.