Joe Biden a ‘lame duck moron’ after botched Afghanistan withdrawal: Prue MacSween

The United States’ botched evacuation of the officials and Afghan aides has shown what a “lame duck moron of a president” is, says social commentator Prue MacSween.

“How disgraceful it has been and how alarming and dangerous for the rest of the world that the weakness of America is shown,” Ms MacSween told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“The lame duck moron of a president – the weakness of the generals to become political animals and messengers and China, all our enemies are going to think: ‘well, we’re empowered now’.

“This is a bunch of morons and its just so sad for the 41 people – Australians who lost their lives, the thousands of Americans who lost their lives – the fact that the Afghans are just in a terrible state.”