Israel confident economy is ‘going to thrive’ despite rising COVID-19 cases

Israeli government officials are confident the nation’s economy is “going to thrive” despite the rising number of daily COVID-19 cases.

Israel has recorded close to 8,000 new daily cases over the last four consecutive days, but 124News reporter Daniel Tsemach says health officials are confident the vaccines are effective in preventing serious illness and fatalities.

“Ultimately, we are seeing that a lot of those new cases are indeed people that have been vaccinated,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“However, those people that have been vaccinated are not suffering, for the most part, from very serious symptoms.

“The vast minority of the people that are experiencing serious symptoms or being hospitalised have been vaccinated so, in that sense, Israeli health professionals, the health ministry here is very, very confident that the vaccine is working in preventing serious cases and preventing fatalities.

“Here in Israel, no lockdowns but for the most part, the economy is going to thrive – that at least is the wish of the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.”