‘Rays of light’: PM lauds vaccinated Australians as rollout ramps up

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says New South Wales’ escalating COVID-19 crisis will not “beat us”, lauding the 273,000 Australians who were vaccinated on Tuesday as “rays of light”.

NSW has endured its darkest day since the emergence of COVID-19 in the state after 633 locally acquired cases were confirmed with the outbreak expected to worsen.

“It was difficult news today in New South Wales. But we won’t let it beat us,” Mr Morrison said.

“And there’s good reasons why, because Australians are making such strong progress on what we need to do about it.
“One in two Australians have had their first dose – that’s what we’re achieving.

“40 per cent over the age of 50 have been fully vaccinated, 273,000 additional doses just yesterday, that’s 273,000 rays of light coming in from the end of that tunnel that I talked about yesterday.

“We are going down that tunnel, and every vaccination shines light for Australians to see, and I want to thank those 273,000 Australians yesterday to create those rays of light, those rays of hope.”