Saliva antigen test will offer ‘extra level of protection’ in battle against COVID-19

Australia’s first rapid antigen test will provide residents with an “extra level of protection” in the battle to contain the spread of COVID-19, according to Path Diagnostic’s Andrew Lloyd.

Ecotest COVID-19 antigen saliva pen, which can offer a 90 per cent accuracy rate for tests within 15 minutes, received approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration on Friday.

“It just gives you that extra layer of protection in the fight we’re all trying to win against COVID,” Mr Lloyd told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

Mr Lloyd described the approval process as “rigorous” and praised the TGA for being “very supportive”.

“Being a pharmacist, I understand the importance and the rigour behind the TGA, and yes, they did put us through the wringer, but I think for good reason,” he said.

“These devices need to stack up for what they say they’re going to do so we had a provide a lot of information and we had to go back again with further information as the different variants came into play and we were able to cover that off, and to be honest, overall, it was rigorous, and they were very supportive.”