New workplace vaccination guidelines a ‘big step forward’ for employers

The Fair Work Ombudsman has issued new advice for employers considering making the vaccine mandatory for workers with a four-tier system to decide when such orders would be reasonable.

Australian Industry Group Chief Executive Innes Willox says the new guidelines are a “big step forward” and gives clarity to employers

“It’s certainly a big step forward for business towards allowing employers to get clarity and certainty around the circumstances under which they can mandate that their workforce needs to be vaccinated,” he told Sky News Australia.

Mr Willox said under the four-tier system it makes it clear if workers must be inoculated under public health mandates and gives employers the right to seek the means to get their workforce vaccinated.

Mr Willox said an employer could do this if they believed it was necessary for “health and safety” and if it was “lawful and reasonable” to do so.

“This situation will vary from business to business and circumstance to circumstance but employers importantly because they are responsible for health and safety now have much clearer guidelines under which they can act.”