‘Get him in the lodge’: Senator Canavan unafraid of challenging ‘woke orthodoxies’

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan’s critique of climate change on ABC’s QandA shows he’s not afraid of confronting “all the woke orthodoxies that are dragging us down," according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

“Can we get Matt Canavan into the lodge? This is the man who should be running the country,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“Matt Canavan is brilliant, he’s fearless, he’s articulate, he’s smart as a whip and he’s not scared to confront all the woke orthodoxies that are dragging us down, all the climate change nonsense is dragging us down.

“He’s prepared to stand up and speak out, he’s unencumbered by not being in the cabinet, in either of the woke cabinets, the National Cabinet or the main cabinet.”