COVID-19 consequences ‘will be markedly less’ once vaccination targets reached

Infectious diseases physician Professor Peter Collignon says the health consequences of COVID-19 to the community "will be markedly less" once the vaccination rates produced by the Doherty Institute’s modelling are met.

“Most of the older population or the vast majority should be vaccinated and therefore the death rate instead of being three in a hundred, might be three in a thousand or even less,” Professor Collignon told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“What we have to do is make sure that we have enough people vaccinated and we have control of the spread so that … we don’t see excess deaths at any worse than what we would see in a normal winter.

“I think we can achieve that because the vaccines are very good and come November, we’ll have at least 80 per cent of eligible adults vaccinated with the first dose and I think the vast majority of them with two doses.”