‘Bureaucratic’ media spin teams effectively running Australia’s states

“Bloated, bureaucratic, and secretive” are the three words which best define the media spin teams which are now effectively running Australia’s states, says Digital Editor Jack Houghton.

It comes following revelations from the Courier Mail that Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has up to 30 “media spinners” reporting to her, who her government refuses to provide details about.

Following a Question on Notice to parliament, the Courier Mail has been able to figure out there are 18 full-time staff between Palaszczuk’s office and her department.

There are also an extra 11.5 full-time equivalents in a separate digital team who report to Palaszczuk’s office.

“I’m sure individually all of these people do a fine job, but collectively they make up one of the biggest newsrooms in the country,” Mr Houghton said.

“And disturbingly, when the Courier Mail asked the government whether the 11.5 full-time staff figure was accurate, a spokesman would not give details on staff numbers.

“So you have about 30 media specialists, paid for by the taxpayer, and they don’t even answer reasonable questions from the media.”