Average Australians ‘absolutely sickened’ by bonuses paid to public servants

Everyday Australians should be “absolutely sickened” by the amount of taxpayer money funding the bonuses and pay rises of the “fat cats” in the public service, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

The federal government issued a directive on Friday ordering public servants to cut back on the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars spent on financial rewards for the nations “wealthiest elite”.

“I think the average person who is not in the public service in Australia should be absolutely sickened by the money that we waste on the public service,” he said.

“The original deal with the public service was that you went into it for life, you were looked after, you got your bonuses and so on, but your pay was always significantly less than in the private sector.

“That got turned on its head in the last 10 or 20 years and we now have really the wealthiest elite in our society are frequently the public servants.

“It just sickens people … yet the fat cats who are on these public servant salaries are giving themselves bonuses, pay rises, you name it, the gravy train never stops.

“But one day it will stop because it is our money, it’s the hardworking taxpayer’s money and one day it will run out.”