Walgett left ‘very vulnerable’ after vaccines were taken for Sydney HSC students

Walgett Shire Mayor Ian Woodcock says the region has been left “very vulnerable” after vaccines were redistributed from regional centres to Sydney’s year 12 students.

“It’s a shame because some of this was supposed to happen a week ago or 10 days ago but then they took it back to Sydney because they needed it down there for the kids of the schooling," he told Sky News Australia.

“I understand that too, but it’s left these people out here very vulnerable.

“They were advertising on the radio and saying the clinics would be open and Pfizer would be available through the clinics and all you had to do was ring up and book in.

“Well people did that because they were very keen to get it done and then they rang them back and put it off because it all went back to Sydney for the high schools.”