Treasurer criticises Labor for diminishing ‘success’ of JobKeeper

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has hit out the Opposition for diminishing the “success” of JobKeeper – saying it was central to Australia’s “remarkable” economic recovery.

Figures released by the Reserve Bank of Australia showed that at least 700,000 jobs nationwide were saved as a result of the wage subsidy scheme, which was terminated earlier this year.

Asked why companies were not being forced to repay “a single cent” from the program while a woman from Frankston who received JobKeeper was, Mr Frydenberg said people knew their obligations.

“The reality is that people knew of their obligations, welfare recipients, in particular, had an obligation to report JobKeeper as ordinary income,” he said.

“With respect to people on welfare, that they had to treat it as ordinary income, that is the response to that.

“We put it in place for six months, we extended it at a taper rate of another six months and those opposite continue to diminish the success of that program which has been part of Australia’s remarkable economic recovery.”