Statewide lockdown under consideration for New South Wales

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says a full New South Wales lockdown is under consideration after the coronavirus spread to Dubbo.

“Certainly, this is something the Deputy Premier John Barilaro is expected to push for,” Mr Clennell said.

“The concern is that once it has hit Dubbo, which went into lockdown an hour or two ago, that’s the gateway to the west of the state. We’ve now had Byron Bay, the Hunter, Armidale, Tamworth and Dubbo impacted by coronavirus in this outbreak.

“It seems New South Wales Health are getting the hint from sewerage samples that the virus is more widespread than the numbers are showing and is following those leads and identifying further cases.

“The discussion on broader restrictions comes this afternoon after the New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian finally gave a date for a likely proper reopening of Sydney this morning – a date I first revealed on Sunday Agenda – November.

“So, it’s two to three months more of lockdown. That’s what the people of Sydney and parts of New South Wales have to get through here.

“It is a long time for kids out of school. I repeat again, tighter restrictions could help to drive those numbers down before then – even if only put in place for three to four weeks.

“And the more those numbers go down, as opposed to up where they are still headed, the better for reopening.”