Retailers experiencing a ‘very concerning’ sense of desperation due to lockdowns

National Retail Association CEO Dominique Lamb says the “sense of desperation” among retailers – from small businesses to national brands – has become “very concerning” due to extended lockdowns.

“I must say that from our membership and certainly from industry I haven’t heard the sense of desperation that I am hearing and have started to hear over the last four weeks,” Ms Lamb told Sky News Australia.

“It’s becoming very concerning. This is not just small businesses; this is national brands saying we are really struggling right now, and it is very, very hard to hang on.

“In some circumstances for small businesses, some of the estimates I’ve seen are over 70 per cent in terms of closures in certain locations.

“It just depends on, I guess, are you in one of those really affected LGAs? What does the human movement look like? Do you have stores in other states? What kind of relationship do you have with your landlords or your suppliers?

“It’s very, very hard but those small businesses are certainly ones we just believe will not come back and of course people’s houses are attached to these businesses.”