Chicago police ‘turn their backs’ on Mayor as officer dies amid law enforcement defunding

Sky News host Paul Murray says the Mayor of Chicago has been barred by police from visiting the bedside of an injured police officer because her administration "cut the budget" from law enforcement.

Mr Murray said Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s position towards law enforcement has resulted in "endless disrespect and violence" towards police "that has now taken a life".

He said two police officers were shot upon a routine traffic stop, one of them, Officer Ella French, died on the scene. Her partner went to the hospital.

When Mayor Lightfoot went to the hospital to visit the injured police officer, Mr Murray said the family "did not want her to be there" and the police officers present "turned their back on her"

"Are police human beings? Yes. Are they perfect? No. But do they deserve to have their funding cut at a time when crime goes through the roof? Absolutely not.

"Good on the cops."