Australia should be ‘incredibly ambitious’ and create its own Silicon Valley

The Tech Council’s Wyatt Roy says the technology sector in Australia has “absolutely boomed” and should have ambitions to create a local version of Silicon Valley.

“What we’ve seen in the last five to ten years is the technology sector in Australia has absolutely boomed, it’s now – if you take it as its own sector – the third largest contributor to GDP,” he told Sky News Australia.

“What we’ve really shown is that we can be world leaders in this space, and I think we should be incredibly ambitious as a nation, build on that success.”

Mr Roy said over 860,000 people already worked in the sector and it creates “prosperity and jobs across all of Australia”.

“We have so much going for us that we are a lifestyle superpower, we’ve had this success for the last five or ten years in the sector, we are attracting investment from across the globe.”