Acknowledgement of veterans in 2021 Census ‘really important’

The ASPI’s James Brown says the acknowledgement of veterans in the Census form is “really important” in aiding the government with details on the needs of veterans.

“The reason that question is so essential is because we’ve been dealing with all these veteran issues over the last few years particularly, whether it’s veteran suicide or making sure our veterans get mental health support they need,” Mr Brown told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“The government has been doing that on a guess of how many veterans there are in the country, they think there might be about 600,000, we haven’t counted for many, many decades.

“This question is really important, it’ll help government work out where veterans are, it’ll give them more information about physical care needs that veterans have for example.

“We’re spending $12 billion a year on veterans, let’s make sure that money is spent efficiently and that we can actually put the services close to the clusters of veterans and where they live.”