Labor calling for more financial support for NSW early learning sector

Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education Amanda Rishworth says for Greater Sydney’s early learning sector, “it’s been a death by a thousand cuts” with many centres ineligible for government support during lockdown.

Ms Rishworth said early learning centres have "slowly lost revenue and are now facing the real prospect of potentially having to stand down educators".

"For many of these centres it’s been a death by a thousand cuts in a lot of ways because every week more and more children are not attending, they’re unenrolling as this lockdown seems to be going on and on," she told Sky News Australia.

She said she is calling for the government to “implement the early learning package that they put in … Victoria”.

“It’s going to be a long-term problem for the sector to get up and running again. We need them to be up and running once the lockdown ends so that families and workers can get back to work.”