It’s time for a ‘mature’ national conversation about nuclear technology

Deputy Nationals Leader David Littleproud says it is time to have a “mature” and “broad” conversation with the public surrounding new technologies in the nuclear space.

“I think we need to have a mature, broad conversation with the public, taking into account the new technologies that exist,” he told Sky News Australia.

“I don’t think that new technology will point us to a great big nuclear power plant, but there are other technologies that are evolving in the nuclear space that I don’t think we should close our mind to, that we should explore in a mature conversation, a national conversation.

“I think we need to make sure we bring the community to that juncture where they understand what that technology looks like.

“Rushing it, I think, won’t be the right methodology here, it will only mean that people will revert to type and be fearful of nuclear.

“So I think there has to be a mature pathway to have that conversation and how we do that is something that needs to be thought at some point in the future.”