Calls for a vaccination precinct to service Campsie’s ‘diverse multicultural community’

NSW Member for Canterbury Sophie Cotsis says she has been calling on the state government to provide additional resources to help vaccinate the diverse multicultural community in Campsie.

“We’ve got a lot of positive cases here in Campsie,” Ms Cotsis told Sky News Australia.

“We’ve got a very diverse multicultural community and everybody’s trying to do the right thing.

“Everybody wants to get vaccinated and I’m calling on the government today to set up a vaccination precinct to make sure all our doctors, our pharmacists, our health professionals who speak another language can be here all in one centre to get all of my community vaccinated.

“Our local GPs and pharmacists and our health workers here are very trusted and … I’m urging the government to have a coordinated strategy here on the ground where they can coordinate with those health professionals.”

Ms Cotsis said eight in 10 of Campsie’s 25,000 residents do not speak very good English and there are many elderly residents who do not drive.

“We had one small pop-up last weekend for two days and that is not enough.”