Politicians and Olympic Games officials should propose a ‘special gold medal’ for Japan

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Australia’s politicians and Olympic Games officials should propose a “special gold medal be struck” for Japan given the “huge risk’ it took in hosting the event.

“The Olympics ended yesterday,” he said.

“There was one gold medal that should have been given – and I hope it still will be.”

According to Mr Bolt, many had called for the Tokyo Olympics to be cancelled, and Japan has seen a “huge rise” in COVID-19 cases and deaths over the weeks of the games.

“The games went ahead and gave billions of people around the world – gave us – something to enjoy,” he said.

“Japan took a huge risk and gave the world joy and hope just when we needed it most.

“For that alone, I think Australia’s politicians and games officials should now propose a special gold medal be struck for Japan, in gratitude.”