Campbell Newman: Senate run about ‘providing real leadership in Canberra’

Campbell Newman says his decision to run for the Senate with the Liberal Democrats "isn’t personal," but is about wanting to make a difference, providing real leadership in Canberra and to get "other senators up in other states".

"I’ve joined the LibDems basically because they’re standing up for free speech, for liberty, for small government, for balanced budgets, keeping debt down, all that stuff which is so critically important – but the modern Liberal Party politicians won’t stand up for," he said.

"This isn’t personal, it’s about making a difference and providing real leadership in Canberra.

"And by the way it’s part of a push to get other senators up in other states.

"I could’ve gone as an Independent, I want to make that point … but no I’m going to climb Mount Everest by the difficult route which is actually trying to do this as part of a team and building the Liberal Democrats into a minor party from a micro party."