Dr Nick Coatsworth ‘stands up’ to online ‘alarmist COVID rhetoric’

Sky News host Rita Panahi says Dr Nick Coatsworth has been quite bold in taking a stand against some of the more "alarmist rhetoric" from public health experts.

In one example, the former deputy chief medical officer berated ABC commentator Dr Norman Swan on Twitter for calling Greater Sydney residents "guinea pigs" in a trial to "intensify vaccination" to curb their COVID outbreak.

Dr Coatswroth wrote: "No, Dr Swan they are not guinea pigs … Rapid vaccination during an epidemic is part of epidemic control. And it’s what every other country has done with COVID-19 … Restrictions plus rapid vaccines works".

"I think that’s actually something that’s really healthy because the fear and the ignorance in the community surrounding this virus 18 months into the pandemic is pretty disturbing," Ms Panahi said.