Oppo launch new under-screen camera

Image Matrix tech Editor Djuro Sen says new under-screen cameras allow users to line up their eyes directly with the camera for selfies and video chats.

“You see so many people … just don’t know the eyesight with their phone and their screen, so they’re looking at the screen and not the camera,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Oppo have just released details of their next prototype and it looks really good.

“The camera pokes through the screen and the pixels change slightly … they’re a bit smaller and they’re a bit more transparent.”

“This opens up all these opportunities. So in your screen, in you TV, you could have a camera right in the middle, so you’re looking straight at the people who you’re talking to. There’s no off-camera stuff, anything like that.

“Plus, it means there’s nothing around the bezel. So, you won’t have a bezel at all. It cleans up the phone.

“But it does raise a few security issues … because in a couple of years’ time you’re going to get a TV, you’re going to get a phone and go, is there a camera under there?”