Multiple vaccine passports may be required when international travel resumes

Australians may need a number of vaccine passports when overseas travel eventually resumes since a unified global system is unlikely to happen soon, if at all.

Image Matrix tech Editor Djuro Sen told Sky News Australia “it will pretty much work like your normal QR code that you have at the moment to go into venues or whatever else and that will accompany your passport”.

“In the EU they’re underway – this is probably the greatest example – Canada’s also way ahead in this and of course Israel implemented the first domestic type of passport for vaccines," he said.

“So as long as they know who you are and that’s with your normal passport and one of these pieces of documentation – which is either a QR code on your phone or on a piece of paper – then you’ll be able to go through.

“If you’re an American and you want to go to Canada, you’ll have to download the Canadian app to then upload your vaccine details.

“So, you’re going to find this might be the way moving forward where you fill out like a visa entry form for every country you’re going to and that has to include something about your vaccine record.”