Jungle Cruise: 15 Things You Missed

Mickey and co have set sail on another mystical and crazy adventure with their latest movie based on a theme park ride, and the magical quest is doing wonders for the House of Mouse, pulling in bucket loads at the Box Office and Premier Access. The movie is reminiscent of a number of other major movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy and Indianna Jones and makes a number of call backs and references to these classic films. It also makes quite a few subtle nods and callbacks to a number of other movies, real life historical events, the theme park ride that inspired it, major people and characters inside the House of Mouse and even a cheeky pun to the movie’s star himself.

In this video, we are going to take a look at 15 things that you didn’t see in the flick, including tons of easter eggs, hidden details and references that were sneakily placed in the background. These include the history behind the backside of the water skit, why there are animatronic hippos in the movie, well known songs reworked in orchestral form for the movie, the real life people behind the movie’s main antagonists, connections to other major movie franchises (that could even lead to a potential crossover), character names that have secret meanings, and the reason for all those puns (and we may or may not include some of our own…sorry in advance)…So, get ready to take a journey down the Amazon river as we go on an odyssey through the heart of South America, uncovering a number of hidden treasures along the way.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Pirates of the Caribbean
1:18 African Queen
1:58 Skipper
2:27 Puns
3:28 Backside of the Water
3:49 Dr Falls
4:27 Company Logo
4:57 Rosita
5:35 Nilo
5:56 Clothes
6:19 Trader Sam
6:37 Hippos
7:06 Aguirre
7:42 Prince Joachim
7:58 Music

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Grant Kellett @Gtalkstoomuch
Edited by: Rahul C

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