Australians prepare to complete Census

The information which will be collected on Census night on Tuesday will inform “important decisions” for the future surrounding services such as transport, schools, health care and infrastructure, says Census Executive Director Andrew Henderson.

“We expect about 75 per cent of people to do it online,” he told Sky News Australia.

“In the more reginal areas, remote areas we’ll be still delivering paper forms to households in many cases but if you’re in an urban area, you get the instructions in the mail and you’d rather have a paper form you’ll be able to ring up and request one.

“That information is used then to inform important decisions into the future around the services that we get, where those services are located and making sure they’re appropriate to every community.”

Australia’s 18th Census will rely on around 38,000 temporary employees to help deliver and collect the information.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will start releasing the Census data in June 2022.