[Trailer] How the GOP Undermined Trump & Allowed Democrats to Seize Power | Truth Over News

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The GOP is supposed to represent conservatives’ interests in government – with values and goals that have their foundations in our #Constitution

But are your #GOP representatives actually looking out for your interests – or are they far more concerned with their own well-being?

Is the GOP more concerned with protecting their seats and positions of power – along with their fundraising abilities?

Are they simply looking to preserve the status quo – operating in cooperation with #Democrats rather than against them?

What has the GOP actually done to protect your interests and values?

Are the GOP and the #DNC really just two parts of a larger UniParty?

Hi everyone and welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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How the GOP Undermined Trump & Allowed Democrats to Seize Power | Truth Over News
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