Wildfires rage across Europe fed by wind and soaring temperatures | DW News

Wildfires are destroying huge swathes of territory around Europe. Finland has been battling its biggest forest fire in half a century.
Heatwaves are also causing havoc further south. The worst blazes are raging in southern Turkey, where six people have been killed. Greece has also been hard-hit.
The smoke in Greece is becoming a hazard. So much so that hospitals are now admitting patients with breathing difficulties.
Greek authorities had warned that wildfires could erupt in temperatures reaching 45 degrees. In Greece and elsewhere, scientists are linking the heatwave and the wildfires to climate change.
In Italy, firefighters have been working day and night to douse the flames. On the island of Sicily, the fires in the mountains are also threatening seaside resorts – 150 tourists were moved out.
In Turkey, hundreds more holidaymakers were ferried to safety after the forest fires got too close to their hotels. Coastguards asked boat owners to help with the rescue operation .
Inland, farmers are helpless as their animals perish. Dozens of villages have been evacuated. President Erdogan has been quick to point the finger at his political opponents.
Turkish authorities say they have brought most of the fires under control – but the hot weather is expected to continue for the next few days.

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