Old: Ending Twist Explained

It’s all of your birthdays at once, fair viewers… Your friend and mine, M. Night Shyamalan, has recently returned to theaters with a new wacky science fiction thriller about a mysterious Time Beach and the people who get stuck on it. It’s a real trip and no day at the beach, so we here at Screen Rant are here for you as we explore the film’s various twists and turns and straighten them out to hopefully make the whole thing just a little more clear.

The film stars Gael Garcia Bernal, Alex Wolff, Thomasin McKenzie, Vicky Krieps, Rufus Sewell, and Aaron Pierre as our doomed vacationers, with a special guest appearance by M. Night himself. Spoilers abound as we recount the plot and explore this briar patch of a film’s lampshades and secrets. Join us as we talk about the strange schemes of the Wilson & Wilson pharmaceutical company, the convenience of the off-duty cop, and the mechanics of the Time Beach. We also touch on a couple of things that we wish had been explored more, and have up to the minute details on the movie’s magic coral and craft cocktails if that’s your thing. It’s a pretty good time, and it violates fewer FDA policies than the researchers hidden out at that pristine Dominical Republic resort.

And hey, we even looked up and watched that movie Rufus Sewell’s character was trying to remember the entire time! That’s in here, too. Check it out… You’re going to get older anyway…

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0:00 Intro
0:32 What’s the Flick About, Anyway?
1:47 Y tu Playa Tiempo También
3:10 “What’s Your Name and Occupation?”

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Written by: Sean Doyle
Narrated by: Julian Dufresne
Edited by: Gulliver du Katt

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